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About us

Our teams consist of highly experienced tradesmen and qualified engineers who are passionate about solar energy but also have a good experience and familiarity of building construction and renewable energies.

WorkersOur strong sense of professionalism and accountability ensures that we offer full commitment to each customer. We appreciate the importance of honesty and customer care, and before our teams start on any projects, we would have met with you, at a time of your convenience, for an initial discussion to understand your requirements and to undertake a site survey ensuring that we have all the correct information before providing you with an accurate proposal.

We believe that Environmental Green Energies' approach is unique from others because we have a strong belief in all the different forms of renewable energy, and know that there are specific uses and areas for each. However, as much as we have an enthusiasm for all renewable energies, we dedicate our time and resources into the solar PV industry, which we strongly believe offers our customers a more professional and economic service.

ManufacturingThe solar panels and system components that we use have been manufactured according to international quality and environmental standards and have also been independently certified by international certification bodies.

Our award-winning supplier has brought solar panels to hundreds of systems around the whole of the UK for more than 15 years, including houses, schools, offices, community centres, churches and more. The company is a respected voice in the solar industry and has even participated in the preparation of technical guides and standards for the developing UK solar industry.